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Custom Email Template

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The Custom Email Template feature lets you customize the layout of your email template for a more personalized touch. This way, you could easily represent your brand and company identity.


To add a custom email template:

1. Go to the Admin panel.

2. Under the Configuration setting, click on ‘Custom Email Templates’.

email template

3. Click the ‘+’ button to start adding a custom template.

4. Name your custom email template by filling out the Name and Description.


5. You have two options to edit the system email template:

  • Create from Scratch – this lets you create your own template and content by clicking one of the two choices:
    • Blank – this lets you create your template and content completely from scratch. You can use the content editor tools to help you.
    • Basic Template – this is a template that includes the basic content of an email based on the type of system process. All you just have to do is edit and populate the content.
  • Upload HTML file – if you have designed your email template using HTML codes, you can upload the HTML code by clicking ‘Choose File’.

Every time you modify the template, you will be able to view your changes on the ‘Preview’ panel.


6. There are variables that you can include in the content of your email template to automate the population of content based on your database. Instead of you always manually typing the recipient’s name, you can input {{recipient_name}} and the content will automatically map the recipient’s name and attribute it to the variable.

For example, if you are sending an email to Johnny Bravo, and in your email, you have written Dear {{recipient_name}}, when the client receives the email, it will not appear as “Dear {{recipient_name}} instead, it will appear as “Dear Johnny Bravo”.

7. Click on the ‘Save’ button once finalized.