Associate Products with a Deal

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1. Go to the ‘Sales’ tab and click on ‘Deals‘.


2. Click on the specific deal you want to associate products with. You can also use the ‘Search’ box and the filter for an easier search of your deals.

search box

3. Click on the ‘Products‘ tab. This is where you can find the existing products associated with a deal or you can also associate an existing product directly from here by clicking ‘+Add’  .

Note: To be able to associate a product with a deal, you should have an existing product saved in your Product Catalogue. To know more on how you can create one, you may refer to this link. You will only be able to associate products that are tagged as available.

products tab

4. Click on ‘Select a Product List’ and choose from the selection the product list you want to associate with your deal.

product list

5. Choose a specific product within the list that you want to particularly associate with your deal.

choose product

6. Once you have selected your Product List and Product, click on ‘ADD’.

add product

7. Click on ‘Save Deal to update your deal.

save deal