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Add Prospect

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To manually add a prospect into the system:

1. Go to the Prospects tab on the main navigation bar.


2. To add a new prospect, click on the ‘Create’ button located at the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Fill out the necessary fields. Do not miss out on the required fields, otherwise, you will not be able to save the request.

4. Assign your prospect with any of the following categories, if applicable:

  • Source
  • Categories
  • Status
  • Sub-status
  • Managers
  • Vendors
  • Departments
  • Campaign

5. For a safer onboarding process, you can add the authentication details related to your Prospect. Click the ‘Authentication’ tab.


6. Fill out the details of authentication.

edit user

7. Should you need to add supporting documents to your Prospect’s profile, click the ‘Documents’ tab.


8. Choose the file you want to upload. Fill out the details of your File Title and Description and click ‘Save’ once done.


9. Once you have finalized all your data, click on the ‘Save Prospect’ button to add your Prospect to the system.


To import bulk data in the system as prospects:

1. Go to the Prospects tab on the main navigation bar.


2. To import contacts in bulk, click the icon.

3. Download the CSV template. This CSV template is your reference for the attributes that you need to complete in a spreadsheet so you can upload your contacts in bulk. You can also download the countries.csv file as a reference if you want to add the Country details.

4. Fill out the template. Insert your data into the import template. Please keep the structure of the file. You will find an example of how the data should look inside the template.

5. Optional Step: Associate your contacts with a manager. Make sure that you have set up your Manager list before assigning your leads to a manager.

6. Optional Step: Associate your contacts with a Vendor.

7. Optional Step: Associate your contacts with a Department

8. Optional Step: Select the source of your contacts. Please note that the options under the prospect source will only be available once you have defined your Source List (please click here for the tutorial on how to add your Source List).

9. Once you have followed the above steps, click ‘Choose File’ to upload your filled out CSV template then click ‘Submit’.

10. You will receive a confirmation message that your data has been successfully uploaded.