Sales Intelligence Form

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Sales Intelligence Form is a feature that is designed for real-time assessment while setting up scoring/weightage of desired components in the assessment of an entity under the Sales Insights section in Saphyte CRM. The Sales Insights section is configured below the custom field area. It is associated with Lead, Prospect, and Customer entities at the moment. This feature can be enabled while selecting creating a Form and desired Form Elements.

There will always be a default Sales Intelligence Form available for each entity. You may also customize Sales Intelligence Form based on the Categorisation configured in each entity.

1. Go to Admin Panel and click on Sales Intelligence in Marketing and Sales Menu.
2. Default Form will apply to Entities and Contact.
3. In order to Customise a Sales Intelligence Form based on Categorisation, click on parallel to the desired Category name.
4. For editing an exiting Sales Intelligence form, Click on the Edit icon.

Sales Intelligence Form

5. Once you click on Edit (Pen Icon)/Add (Plus Icon), you will land on the below page with Form Elements. Click here for more information on Form Elements and Visit this Tutorial to check how we can create a form.

6. Sales Intelligence Form will always be a Form Built from Scratch as it is Customisable in nature.

7. We can handle scoring from the List of Options Form Element. (Click here for more information)