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How to create your own landing page in Saphyte?

Creating a landing page in Saphyte is not that complicated because of the ready-made designs available for you to use in the system. If you require a complex design and you do not have a the expertise, we advise you to consult your developers to help you in building your landing page according to your requirements.

The Landing Page module can be found under the ‘Marketing’ menu.

saphyte landing page

There are two ways you can create your landing page in Saphyte:


From Template

The ability to create a landing page from a template provides you the ease to follow a structured design and not build it from scratch. 

To create a landing page from the template:

1. Click on the ‘+ Create Landing Page

saphyte create landing page

2. Click ‘From Template

saphyte create landing page from template

3. Choose your preferred template. There are available templates depending on the category.

saphyte choose landing page template

4. To view the template before using it, click ‘Preview’. It will redirect you to the preview page. If you want to view the landing page template on a tab, click on ‘View on Tab, otherwise, click ‘Use Template to start building your landing page.

saphyte landing page

By Importing HTML File

You can upload your own design by selecting the ‘Import HTML File’ option. This adds the flexibility to use your own design and branding.

To upload your own HTML file:

1. Click on the ‘+ Create Landing Page

saphyte create landing page from html

2. Click on ‘Import HTML File

saphyte import html file landing page

3. It will prompt you to upload your HTML file.

4. To proceed, you have to provide a title to your landing page (required field). You can add a description to describe what your landing page is about (optional).

saphyte add details landing page

5. Once done, click ‘Start Editing