Invoice Status

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In Saphyte, you can easily get an overview of your invoice status. Invoices are assigned with specific status depending on the action that was performed on the invoice.

You can check the status of your invoice under the Invoices tab from the Sales menu.

Invoice Tab

Make use of the filter section for easier search.

filter tab

The invoice statuses are predefined in the system and they are defined as below:

DraftInvoices in draft status can still be edited and remain unsent
SentInvoice has been sent to a client via email from the system
PaidPayment transaction has been confirmed and completed
OverdueInvoice remains unpaid past the due date
Processing PaymentPayment to invoice is received but not yet completed
VoidUnsuccessful/Interrupted payment transaction
RefundedPayment has been reimbursed to the customer

The invoice status can be changed depending on the initial status selected. Also, the next action you can perform on the invoice is dependent on the status you have defined.

Initial StatusNext Status AvailableNext Action/s Available
DraftNone1. Edit
2. Preview
3. Send by email
Processing Payment
1. Preview
2. Send by email
PaidRefunded1. Preview
2. Add a reason (optional)
3. Upload attachment (optional)
1. Preview
2. Add a reason (optional)
Processing PaymentPaid
1. Preview
2. Add a reason (optional)
VoidNone1. Preview

To change the status of your invoice, click on the ‘Status‘ drop-down selection.