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Company records are useful in B2B relationships and interactions.

1. To add a Company Profile, click on the ‘Companies’ tab on the main toolbar.

saphyte companies tab

2. Click on the button located at the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Fill out the Company Details.

saphyte company details

4. Associate your contacts (Leads / Prospects / Customers) with the company profile by clicking on the ‘Employees’ tab. Search the contacts you want to associate with the company profile by clicking the ‘Search Employee’ field. You can choose to add a role for this contact if this contact is a Decision Maker or a Person of Contact and also add a Job Title. Click on ‘Add Employee‘ to save the details.

saphyte associate employees to company

5. Click on to save your data.

How to Export Companies database?

Company - Add Company

6. There is an option to download the overall Company database through the Export icon on the Companies tab. The file will be downloaded in .CSV file format.