Associate Appointments with Contacts

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Where can I see the appointments I have added to my contacts?

1. To see the appointments you have added to your contact, go to the ‘Contacts’ section.

saphyte contacts tab

2. Choose the Contact profile under the Contacts List. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search’ box. Enter either the code, name, phone number, or email address to pull up the contact data, or just select the contact profile from the contacts list.

saphyte contacts list

3. Click on the ‘Appointments’ tab. On the Appointments tab, you can find the tasks that have been applied to your Contact. The number beside the word ‘Appointments’ indicates how many tasks have been placed to your Contact. You can view the appointments set for today, upcoming days, next week, or all the appointments.

saphyte appointment

4. You can also add an appointment just by clicking on  ‘+ADD APPOINTMENT’.

saphyte add appointments

5. Fill in the necessary details as to the ‘Appointment Type’, ‘Scheduled Date’, ‘Time’,and the rest of the Appointment details.

saphyte appointment type

6. You can associate the appointment to your ‘Managers’ and ‘Team Members’.

saphyte appointments team member

7. Once done, click on ‘SAVE’.

saphyte save appointments