Companies – Call History

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How can I view the call history with Companies?

1. From the Admin Module, under the Integration settings, select ‘App Marketplace’.

saphyte app market

2. In this section, you can enable or disable your Phone System App. Choose the app you want to integrate then click ‘Integrate’ that will direct you to the Configuration page.

saphyte phone system app

3. Once your Phone System App is configured you can view the call transactions with a company through the ‘Companies’ section.

saphyte companies tab

4. Choose the Company name from the Companies list. You can use the filter for an easier search.

saphyte companies list

5.  Click on the ‘three-dot’ button’ or the ‘kebab’ button then select ‘Call History’. The ‘Call History’ tab will show you all your call transactions with your Contact. 

saphyte call history button
saphyte call history details