Add Deals

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To add a deal in the Mobile App:

1. Navigate to the Deals section

saphyte mobile app deals section
Deals section

2. Click the ‘+‘ button at the upper right corner

saphyte mobile app add deal icon

3. Fill out the fields.

  • Deal Name (Required)
  • Deal Description (Optional)
  • Amount (Optional)
  • Currency (Required)
  • Closed Date (Optional)
  • Margin (Optional)
  • Pipeline (Required)
  • Stage (Required)
  • Status (Optional)
  • Contact (Required)
  • Vendors (Optional)
  • Department (Optional)
saphyte mobile app add deal information

4. Click on the ‘Save icon to save the deal. You will get a confirmation that the deal has been successfully saved. To be redirected to the specific deal, click on ‘Go to deal’ otherwise, to see all the deals on the pipeline, choose ‘Continue to pipeline’

saphyte mobile app deal saved confirmation