Create an Invoice

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There are four ways that you can create an invoice in the system.


Via Invoices Menu

1. Go to the Sales tab and click on the Invoices.

invoice tab

2. Click on ‘Create New Invoice or ‘Create’

create invoice

Via Contacts/Leads/Prospects/Customers

1. Select the recipient you want to send an invoice to from the Contacts/Leads/Prospects/Customers pool.

2. Click on the ‘Invoice from the floating action buttons.

entity information

You can also create an invoice by clicking the kebab menu and selecting Invoices. Click on ‘Create New Invoice

invoice tab

Via Companies

1. Go to the Companies tab

companies tab

2. Select the company account you would like to send an invoice to. Click on the kebab menu and select Invoices.

invoice tab

3. Click on ‘Create or ‘Create New Invoice

create invoice

Via Deals

1. Go to the ‘Sales’ tab and click on ‘Deals‘.

sales tab

2. Click on the specific deal you want to associate invoices with. You can also use the ‘Search’ box and the filter for an easier search of your deals.

search bar

3. Click on ‘Create or ‘Create New Invoice

create invoice