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Enable/Disable Custom Fields

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To activate custom fields, just click on the switch beside the Active label. If the switch turns blue that means it is active; it the switch is greyed out, that means it is disabled or inactive.


You can see the custom field that you have created under the ‘Custom Field’ section on the entity on which you enabled the custom field. Depending on how will the custom field be useful to each entity, a custom field set for your Leads may totally vary from the custom field you want to set for your Prospects or Customers.

As an example, the Educational Attainment custom field only appears on the lead section because this is a part of the onboarding process. This custom field is only useful to the lead’s profile.

customer fields education

However, if you notice on Prospects profile, Educational Attainment custom field was not activated as it is no longer a necessary field for this entity.

custom fields