Associate Campaign with Contacts

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Where can I see if my contacts are associated with a campaign?

1. To see the campaigns associated with your contact, go to the ‘Contacts’ section.

saphyte contacts tab

2. Choose the Contact profile under the Contacts List. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search’ box. Enter either the code, name, phone number, or email address to pull up the contact data, or just select the contact profile from the contacts list.

saphyte contacts list

3. Click on the ‘kebab’ button or the ‘three dot’ button. And click on the ‘Campaigns’ tab. The ‘Campaigns’ tab will show you the list of Campaigns that are associated with your Lead. You can also identify if the Lead has been sourced from the tracking link associated with the campaign (through the UTM Code).

saphyte campaigns tab
saphyte campaign details