Assign Manager to a Contact

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Assign Manager to a Contact

To assign a Manager to your contact:

1. Go to the ‘Contacts’ tab and search for your client.

saphyte contacts tab

2. Choose the Contact profile under the Contacts List. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search’ box. Enter either the code, name, phone number, or email address to pull up the contact data, or just select the contact profile from the contacts list.

saphyte contacts list

3. Click on ‘Edit’. Go to the ‘Additional Information’ section. Select from the ‘Managers’ field the user/s you want to assign as the manager for this contact. You can assign multiple managers to a contact.

Note: Only users with a ‘Manager‘ or ‘Sales Manageruser type will appear on the ‘Managers‘ selection list.

saphyte manager selection
saphyte choose manager

4. Once done, click on ‘Save Contact’ to save.


Bulk Assign Manager

To bulk assign a Manager to your contacts:

1. Go to the ‘Contacts’ tab.

saphyte contacts tab

2. Switch the view to the ‘List‘ view by clicking on the ‘three-dash’ icon

saphyte change view

3. Select the contacts you want to bulk assign to a manager by ticking the boxes. You can use the filter section to filter your contacts on a granular level.

saphyte manager bulk assignation

4. Click on the ‘Manager’ button and select the managers/users want to assign to the contacts.

saphyte bulk manager assignation

5. Once clicked, a ‘pop-up’ box would appear. Select the manager you want to assign to the contacts.

saphyte  message confirmation

6. Click ‘OK’ once done.

saphyte  confirm assignment