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Create Roles

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What are ‘roles’?

Roles are the CRM functions that you assign to your users. The roles set your organizational hierarchy. The users in the higher hierarchy have access to most of the functions in the CRM.


Create roles

To create roles:

1. On the Admin panel, under the Team settings, click ‘Roles’.


2. Click the ‘Create’ button to add a new role.

3. Fill out the general information about the role that you will create. The Active setting allows you to enable or disable this specific role in the system. The Role Name is a mandatory field that you need to fill.

saphyte role

4. After filling out the General Information, it is time to choose the permissions and restrictions you want to apply to this specific role.

The permissions are grouped according to Saphyte’s modules. The main permissions you can assign to a user are:

  • Read
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Update
  • Manage
saphyte permission

5. Tick the box to apply the permissions for each module.

6. Click the ‘Save Role’ button to apply the changes.


Create a Superadmin Role

Please note, by default as an admin, you would like to create the SuperAdmin role where you have all the access to different modules. To create a superadmin role, just click on the “Select All” and name your role as “Superadmin” (recommended name). Click ‘Save Role’ once done.

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