Custom Report

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We understand that reports are essential in each company to study the progress of each and every business activity. With Saphyte, reporting becomes easy through its Report Wizard which will guide you in creating your own customized report.


The custom report allows you to tailor your own report according to your preferences.

To create your own custom report:

1. Under the Reports tab, click ‘Create Custom Report’.

create custom report

2. Add a Report Name. Choose the type of entity you want to create a report for either under the ‘Search by entity’, or simply select among the options displayed. Click on ‘NEXT’ to proceed.

Custom Report

3. The system will ask you to select the attributes of your report. Tick the boxes to enable the attribute on your custom report. Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the next step.


4. Set the criteria for your report. The criteria help refine the selection of attributes according to a condition specified.


5. Export and save your report.

export and save