Drip Email Marketing

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Re-invent your communication strategy. Create a pre-written set of content to send to customers or prospects over time using automation.


What is drip email marketing?

Drip email marketing is a feature where you can set up delay intervals between your emails for autoresponders and marketing emails.

An email drip campaign is perfect for the following reasons:

  • Building your list and turning subscribers into advocates through lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Giving your sign-up rate a considerable boost.
  • Lowering the risk of people unsubscribing.
  • Segmenting your audience into more targeted groups based on user actions.

What can you do with drip marketing?

Top-of-mind dripsEstablish constant online presence by consistently sending emails on a scheduled basis
Educational dripsProvide your target audience with relevant and helpful information such as sales tips, etc.
Re-engagement dripsRe-engage customers who you have not been in touch with for a long time
Competitive dripsGet your competitor’s customers to make the switch to your product or service
Promotional dripsPromote one of your products and services over a period
Training dripsGuide your readers through a training program, or explain new information to your customer
Announcement dripsScheduled newsletters and announcements like feature launches, grand openings, new products, etc.
Reminder dripsConstant deals, documentation, expiry, renewal reminders
Onboarding drips Take your customer to your onboarding process step by step

Workflow Delay Node

Saphyte can automate the above-mentioned types of drip marketing. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can do it in your workspace.

Note: You can only automate your drip email campaign using workflows.

Using the delay node, you can set a condition or schedule on when your email will be sent.

There are three settings for the delay node:


1. Specific Count Days and/or Time

This allows users to configure a delay condition on which the workflow will wait on a specific count of days, hours, or minutes before sending an email.

saphyte drip marketing on specific count days and or time condition
Specific count of days, hours, minutes
saphyte drip marketing on days, hours and minutes
It allows you to set the delay on the count of days, hours, and minutes.
saphyte drip marketing using the delay node in the workflow
A sample workflow that shows emails being sent after 2 days and 30 minutes, and the following email is sent after 3 days.

2. Until a Day of the Week and/or Time

This allows the user to set single or multiple rules on when the workflow will wait on a specific day of the week, and/or time before sending an email.

saphyte drip marketing on day of the week or time condition
Until a day of the week and/or time

Single Rule

When delaying an email using a single rule, the user must specify at which time, timezone, and day the workflow will be executed. This means that the user only specifies a single day of the week and a single time.

When selecting the timezone, the timing will follow either the timezone of your recipients or the timezone set on your workspace.

saphyte drip marketing on time zone setting
It allows you to set the delay on the specific time and date of the week
saphyte drip marketing on delay node
A sample workflow that shows a second email being sent out on a Sunday at 22:30 after the first email is sent.

Multiple Rules

When adding multiple rules, the mechanism works by fulfilling first the condition on the day which is closest to the current day the workflow will be executed (in a prospective manner).

For example:

saphyte drip marketing on multiple rules
An example of multiple rules being applied in the delay node.

Current day: Wednesday
Condition 1: Delay at 10:30 AM on Sunday
Condition 2: Delay at 3:28 PM on Monday and Friday

Given these conditions, if the workflow is initiated on Wednesday, the client will receive the subsequent email on Friday at 3:28 PM as it was the soonest day on the rule.


3. Until the Event Happens

This allows users to configure a delay rule on which the workflow will wait for a specific event to happen (either email has been opened or clicked) before the execution will resume to the next action.

saphyte drip marketing on until event happens option
Selecting delay type for a Drip Marketing Campaign

Let us break down the properties of this setting.

saphyte drip marketing settings
Adding Event Details in the delay node

1. Type – Select the trigger event
– Email Opened
– Email Clicked

2. Target Email – Imagine that you have a long email sequence to send, having the ‘Target Email’ will serve as the identifier for the workflow to understand which email is opened or clicked so as to execute the subsequent email.

3. Wait up to – This refers to the timeframe or the count of days/hours/minutes that the workflow needs to wait until it sends the next email.

To better illustrate the use of this property, here are examples:

Sample 1: A campaign will run for 31 days from March 1-31 and will send 3 sequential emails throughout the period.

1. To send the initial email on March 1.
2. To send the 2nd email after opening the initial email.
3. If the email was not opened within the timeframe, send a different promotional email.
4. The emails should be sent within the month of March only.

saphyte drip marketing setting conditions
Sample Workflow 1

How to read the Workflow:

  1. March 1- the day the initial email is sent
  2. March 2-30 (29 days) – given timeframe to open the email
  3. If the client opens the email anytime within March 2-30, for example, if the initial email was opened on March 15, the 2nd email will be sent on the same day (March 15).
  4. In case the condition to open the initial email within March 2-30 is not fulfilled, the other promotional email will be sent on March 31.

How do you generate the email analytics of Drip Marketing?

1. To be able to generate the email analytics of drip marketing, you have to set all the email workflow nodes to the ‘Marketing‘ email type.

saphyte drip marketing email type
Selecting Email Type as Marketing for being retrieved in the Drip Marketing Analysis

2. Under the Marketing module, navigate to the ‘Drip Marketing‘. Any workflows that have the email marketing nodes will appear on the list. The list shows the summary of the number of email marketing nodes, number of delay nodes, number of contacts waiting, and number of emails sent.

saphyte drip marketing analytics
Drip Marketing Analysis Page

3. Clicking the item will show you the flow of the drip marketing. It also showcases the Custom Action or Entity update which has executed the drip.

Drip Marketing
Drip Marketing Analysis

4. Clicking the View More text & Icon, it will display the analytics per email.

Drip Marketing
Icons that represent different stages of workflow and action in a drip marketing workflow
Drip Marketing
Detailed Drip Marketing Analysis with all relevant components

5. While enabling View heatmap, it allows us to view URLs or areas of emails being clicked by the audience. Marketing analysis also helps us to find the number of clicks for each Url in an email.

Drip Marketing
The heatmap area has been highlighted in the email content with 4 different colours in a circular shape.

6. A few more icons represent important elements of a Drip Marketing email/Campaign as below;

The contact icon in blue represents, a number of contacts being processed/triggered in the Drip Marketing workflow. When you hover over the icon, it will display the message ‘Contacts Processed’
The contact icon in Grey with a cross mark represents, the number of unsubscribed contacts with an option to details of those unsubscribed contacts.
The email icon represents the number of emails sent in a drip and displays the’ Email Sent’ message when you hover over the icon or number.
An eye represents the total number of Drip Marketing Emails Opened by the audience.
An ‘X’ Character in red represents, the total number of bounced emails in a Drip.
This icon with View More/View content helps users to analyze a campaign in detail while providing access to all relevant information.
Contacts Waiting:Contacts Waiting are the number of Contacts waiting for the next action as configured in the Drip Marketing workflow. We can view more details while clicking the view icon next to the number.

7. It also displays recipients’ Status for a Drip Marketing email in the Recipients section. Click for more details on analytics.

Headings for each element of Drip Marketing analysis.

Shortcut to Workflow Logs

We do have a shortcut to check workflow logs for the Contacts not being processed/Contacts waiting for the next action in the workflow. We can identify the number of contacts not being processed (Unsubscribed) as well as the shortcut to workflow execution logs while clicking on the View icon and View Execution (eye icon) in the next browser.

At the same time, Contacts Waiting for the next action will show up in the Delay Node, and while clicking on the View icon we can have a quick look at the workflow through the shortcut to workflow logs and check why contacts are waiting and what is the next action.

Drip Marketing
Email Node where Unsubscribed and View Icons represent the number of Contacts not being processed.
Drip Marketing
Page showing list of contacts unsubscribed for the marketing emails with Shortcut to workflow log through the eye icon.
Drip Marketing
Workflow log which is associated with contact not being processed due to unsubscription and to view the execution of the workflow and verify why email is not sent.
Drip Marketing
Delay node showing contacts waiting for the next action.
Drip Marketing
Eye Icon – Clicking on the icon, will browse you to the workflow log and it’s being a shortcut from the Drip Marketing Analysis page.
Drip Marketing
Workflow displaying next action process for Contacts Waiting in the delay node.