What is a ‘Vendor’?

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What is a ‘Vendor’?

Find your external sources in one place under the Vendors tab.


Vendors are people, companies, or contractors that supply services and products to you. The Vendors section is where you can see the profiles of all your manufacturers, resellers, suppliers and all the details related to them.

How does the Vendor work?


The Vendor works as a layer of data security just like the department. This means that when you assign a contact or deal to a specific vendor, the visibility of the data is only limited to that vendor. The other vendors will not be able to see any data in the system that are already associated with a vendor.

Example Scenario

  • Contact 100 is assigned to Vendor A.
  • Contact 200 is assigned to Vendor B.
  • Contact 100 is only visible to Vendor A.
  • Contact 200 is only visible to Vendor B.
  • Vendor A will not be able to view any contacts assigned to Vendor B and vice versa.