Create a Dashboard from Scratch

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The Dashboard is made up of widgets. The widgets are simple always-on app extensions that are essential aspects of your dashboard. You can customize your dashboard by choosing which specific widgets you want to only appear.


Add and create a dashboard

1. To add a dashboard, first, go to the ‘Dashboard’ tab.

saphyte dashboard

2. You will be redirected to the default dashboard page. Click the ‘Add’ icon on the upper right area of your screen.

saphyte add dashboard

Another way is by simply clicking on ‘Home’ and selecting the ‘Customize Dashboard’ on your homepage.

saphyte customize dashboard

3. You will be prompted to choose to create a dashboard from ‘Scratch’ or from ‘Template’. Click ‘From Scratch.

saphyte add dashboard from scratch

Create a dashboard from scratch

1. To be able to proceed in creating a dashboard from scratch, add a ‘Dashboard Title’ first. The ‘Dashboard Title’ serves as the name of your dashboard. Then click ‘Continue’.

saphyte add dashboard from scratch

2. You will be redirected to your workspace. Start dragging and dropping widgets into the workspace to build your dashboard. You can choose specific widgets according to different categories.

saphyte dashboard widgets

3. Once you have added your widgets and finalized your dashboard, click on ‘Create Dashboard’ to save your custom dashboard.

saphyte create dashboard

4. Your new dashboard is now added to your homepage.

saphyte dashboard