Bulk Edit Leads

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As a user, you can bulk assign leads to a campaign, managers, vendors, departments, category, status, and sub-status.

1. To bulk edit, go to the  ‘Leads’ section.
2. Tick the box to select the leads you want to update.

3. Click on the button.

Lead Bulk Edit

4. A pop-up box will appear. It would display the number of leads that you are about to edit.

saphyte bulk edit lead

5. Simply click on the drop-down option on the category you wish to associate with your leads. You can assign a bulk of leads to a Campaign, Managers, Vendors, Departments, Categories, Status, and Sub-status.

saphyte campaign bulk edit

Make sure that you have set up your list (Campaign, Manager, Vendors, Departments, or Lists) before assigning your leads to a certain category.

  • The Add radio button enables a new manager/vendor/department to be added or assigned with the selected leads.
  • The Overwrite button replaces the existing manager/vendor/department assigned.

5. Once done, click on