Preferences Page

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This is a configuration on how you want to give options to your contacts to opt out of a marketing list.

You can customize how your contacts can manage their email preferences by setting the ‘Preferences Page‘ under the Marketing List module.

saphyte marketing lists preferences page
Marketing > Marketing Lists > Preferences Page

The contact will be able to manage their email preferences when they click to unsubscribe from your emails.

saphyte manage email preferences link

List of Subscriptions

Choose to show the contact either selected specific lists or all marketing lists available. You can also opt to show none.

saphyte marketing email preferences page settings
saphyte marketing email preferences page
This is how the preference page looks like.

Customize Success Message

When a contact has finished updating their marketing communication preferences, a success message will appear.

You can customize the success message by typing in on the field the message you want to show.

saphyte email preferences page success message
saphyte email preferences page successfully updated