Duplicate Customers Entries

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How are duplicate entries handled?

Email is a unique identifier of information. If by any chance the same email is entered into the system, the system will identify this information as a duplicate and associate the information to the existing entity. It will prompt you to either merge or replace the records for the specific profile.

1. To see the duplicates that were recorded to your Customer, go to the ‘Customers’ section.

saphyte customers tab

2. Choose the Customer profile under the Customers List. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search’ box. Enter either the code, name, phone number, or email address to pull up the customer data, or just select the customer profile from the customers list.

saphyte search box

3. Click on the ‘Duplicates’ tab. Check each detail and choose which information you want to replace or merge.

saphyte duplicates tab