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In Saphyte, you can easily get an overview of your quote status. Invoices are assigned with specific status depending on the action that was performed on the quote

You can check the status of your quote under the Quotes tab from the Sales menu.

quotes tab

Make use of the filter section for easier search.


The quotes statuses are predefined in the system and they are defined as below:

Draft Quotes in draft status can still be edited and remain unsent
Sent Quote has been sent to a client via email from the system
AcceptedQuote has been sent to a client and is accepted
InvoicedQuote has been has been accepted and is converted to an invoice for payment
DeclinedQuote has been sent to a client and is rejected
CancelledQuote has been cancelled and is no longer valid
ExpiredQuote has not been accepted within the quotation validity period

Once a quote sent to a client, the client can easily respond to either accept or decline.

accept or decline quote

The status of your quote gets updated real-time.

quotes status update

The quote status can also be changed manually and this option is only available on Quotes on ‘DRAFT’ status.

Under the Quotes section, select a specific quote from the list. Click on the kebab button and choose the ‘Change Status’.

change status of quotes

Select the new quote status from the drop-down list.

choose status

On the ‘Comments’ field enter notes or additional details about your code. Once done click on ‘Change Status’.

add notes or comments

Once done, click on .