Associate Appointments with Companies

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Where can I see the appointments I have added to companies?

1. To see the appointments you have added to a company, go to the ‘Companies’ section.

saphyte companies tab

2. Choose the Company name from the Companies list. You can use the filter for an easier search.

3. Click on the ‘Appointments’ tab. On the Appointments tab, you can find the tasks that have been applied to a Company. The number beside the word ‘Appointments’ indicates how many tasks have been placed in a Company. You can view the appointments set for today, upcoming days, next week, or all the appointments.

saphyte search box
saphyte appointments

4. Under the ‘Appointments’ tab, click on ‘Add Appointment‘.

saphyte add appointments

5. Fill out the details of your appointment.

saphyte fill out appointment details

6. Once done, click on ‘SAVE’.