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Marketing lists are records of contacts that have been enlisted or grouped together for easier reach. Engage and target specific groups of contacts based on different criteria and behavior by adding them to a subscription list.

In Saphyte, there are two kinds of subscription lists:

StaticManually associate contacts to a subscription list based on the specific knowledge you have about the contact.
DynamicAutomatically group contacts into a segment using logical expressions.

Create Subscription List

1. To create a Subscription List, navigate through the Marketing tab.

saphyte marketing tab

2. Choose Subscription Lists from the subtabs below.

saphyte subscription list tab

3. Click on the ‘Create’ button.

4. A pop-up drawer will appear. Fill in the necessary details about your subscription list.

saphyte create new subscription list

Static Subscription List

Manually add your contacts to your created subscription list. Fill in the needed details. Tick the box to confirm GDPR compliance.

saphyte create new static subscription list

Search the Contact you want to add to your subscription list.

saphyte subscription list add contacts

Once a selection is done click on the ‘+ADD CONTACT’ button.

saphyte add contacts to subscription list

You can also add contacts by batch simply by clicking on the ‘Add a batch’ option. This allows you to filter the recipients based on the conditions you have set.

saphyte add batch option

Once clicked, a pop-up drawer will appear. Set your conditions, once done click on ‘NEXT’.

saphyte add conditions to subscription list

All qualified contacts will be added to the list.

populated contacts

5. Once done filling in Subscription List details click on ‘SAVE SUBSCRIPTION LIST’ .


Dynamic Subscription List

Fill in the required details and choose ‘Dynamic’ from the Type.

saphyte create new dynamic subscription list

Note: Contacts will be added automatically via forms.

Create a form by navigating through Admin and choose Form Builder under Configuration.

saphyte from builder

Once done filling in Subscription List details click on ‘SAVE SUBSCRIPTION LIST’ .

Create a form either from Scratch or from a Template. You can rename your form from this page, change, or add form elements.

saphyte form elements marketing list

Under Advanced, click on ‘Subscription Lists’. Drag the element onto the workspace.

saphyte subscription list element form builder

Fill in the necessary information and select the Subscription List you want to associate with your form.

saphyte subscription list form properties

Once done, click on the ‘Save‘ button.

Any one who fills out this form have the option to opt-in to the marketing lists you have selected. When a user opts in to a marketing list, they will automatically be added to the Dynamic Marketing List once they have submitted the form.


Update Subscription List

To modify the details of your Subscription List:

1. To edit a Subscription List, navigate through the Marketing tab.

saphyte marketing tab

2. Click on ‘Subscription Lists‘.

saphyte subscription list tab

3. Select the subscription list you want to edit. For easier search, you can use the ‘Search box’.

saphyte subscription list

4. Click on the ‘Pencil‘ icon to edit.

saphyte edit icon

5. Apply the necessary changes. Once done, click on ‘SAVE SUBSCRIPTION LIST’.

saphyte edit subscription list

Delete Subscription List

To delete a Subscription List, select the Subscription List from the roster and click on the ‘bin‘ icon to delete.

saphyte delete subscription list
saphyte delete icon

A dialogue box will appear, choose ‘OK‘ to proceed.

saphyte delete subscription list confirmation

The deleted Subscription List will be stored in the Recycle Bin.