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Send Emails from Deals Section

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1. To send an email from the deals section, tick the checkbox of your selected Deal.


2. After choosing a deal, you will see three action buttons (Campaign, Change Owner, and Send Email) located on the right side of the CRM. Select ‘Send Email’ to create a new email.

However, if your deal is already associated with a client, an email icon will be readily available. Simply click on the email icon to start creating a new email for the client.

3. A new page will pop-up to select a Sender and its Recipients. (To know more about composing an email, click here.)


4. Click the ’Content’ tab next to ‘From & Recipients’ to work on the content of your email. You have the option to add from an existing template by clicking the checkbox. Then add for a subject for your email, content body of the email.


5. Once finalized, click ‘Send Email’.

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