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Add Deals

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Celebrate success in winning each sales opportunity. Deals Management is a systematic approach to managing your deals in one place. It provides you the visibility of the movement of your current deals and your forecasted income.

There are two ways to add a new deal on the Saphyte CRM.


Via the shortcut button

You can find the ‘+’ icon on the main navigation bar. Click ‘Deal’ to add deals.


Via the Deals section

1. Go to the ‘Deals’ tab


2. To create a new deal, click the ‘NEW DEAL’ button.

3. Fill out the details such as the name of the deal, its estimated closed date, the description of the deal, the amount of the deal and its currency, and the margin that you would like to set for the deal.

create deal

4. Choose the sales pipeline where you want the deal to be assigned and what stage the deal belongs to. Link the deal with contact information and assign it to the owner of the deal.

5. Click on the ‘Save Deal’ button to save your deals.


Via the Deals section in the Leads/Prospects/Customers tab

1. Under the Leads/Prospects/Customers tab, you will find the ‘Deals’ section. If the ‘Deals’ section is not visible, click on the kebab icon and click the ‘Deals’ section to make it visible.

2. Click on ‘Add Deal’ to add the deal and associate a deal for this specific contact.

3. Fill out the data of your deals and click ‘Save Deal’.