Contact Profile

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The Contact Profile in the mobile app displays the same information that you can find on the desktop version.

Let us break down the anatomy of the Contact’s profile. It has six tabs:

  • General
  • Notes
  • Appointments
  • Emails
  • Docs
  • Activity


The General tab displays general information about the contact and the custom fields.

saphyte mobile app contact general tab


The Notes tab displays all the notes and remarks of the interaction that have transpired with your contact.

saphyte mobile app contacts notes tab


The Appointments tab displays all the tasks scheduled with this contact.

saphyte mobile app contacts appointments tab


The Emails tab displays all the incoming from and sent emails (originated from the system) to the clients.

saphyte mobile app contacts email tab


The Docs tab shows all the documentation uploaded to this specific contact profile.

Note: The docs are read-only version from the mobile app. If you want to upload documentation related to your contact, you have to perform it on the desktop version.

saphyte mobile app contacts docs tab


The Activity tab shows all the system actions that have been performed to this specific contact. You can click ‘View More’ for more details.

saphyte mobile app contacts activity tab