Edit an Existing Dashboard

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2 min read

Need to re-customize your dashboard? No problem! You can edit your existing dashboard layout where you can add and remove widgets of your choice.

Note: You will only be able to edit your created dashboard. The predefined dashboards (Marketing and Sales) in the system cannot be edited.

1. To edit your dashboard, choose the dashboard you want to edit from your dashboard homepage. If the dashboard name is in blue color, it means that this is your selected dashboard.

saphyte dashboard

2. Click the ‘Edit Layout’ icon located on the right side of the page.

saphyte dashboard edit layout

3. Start making changes on your dashboard by removing, adding, re-arranging widgets on your workspace. You can also click the ‘pencil’ icon beside the dashboard title to rename the dashboard.

saphyte dashboard widgets

4. Once you have finalized your dashboard, click on ‘Save Layout’ to save your edited dashboard.

saphyte save layout