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Add Tasks

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Task Management has never been this easy. MyDiary is where you can view your task dashboard and create tasks and associate it with your client or team members all in a single page. This tool makes sure that your team is always in the know about and will never miss any tasks, meetings, and other important events through Saphyte’s built-in notification system.

To add tasks:


1. Tasks such as setting meetings, scheduling calls, and adding reminders are easily managed under the My Diary tab.

my diary

2. Once you are on the MyDiary page, you can add a task by navigating to the ‘New Task’ section (lower right portion of the page).

3. Choose the type of task you want to add. You can choose one of the three options: set a meeting, schedule calls, or add a reminder.

4. Start filling out the details of your tasks. Add a ‘Subject’ to name the task.

6. Set the Date and Time. Add a description of your task.

7. Associate the tasks with your clients by clicking the dropdown menu labeled Customer/Prospect/Lead.

8. You can also sync your tasks to your calendars by choosing the email from the ‘Sync to Calendar’ drop-down menu. You can sync a task with multiple calendars. To know how to integrate your email calendar into Saphyte, check out the Email Calendar Integration tutorial.

8. Click ‘Add Task’ to save the task. You will be notified that your task was successfully added.