Add Email Account

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When you send emails from CRM using the native features, you will only see a copy of all the Sent emails in your CRM. What if you want to see the incoming emails from your customers? Then you can easily configure and integrate your email accounts such as Outlook, Gmail, others: IMAP, SMTP, into your CRM mailbox.


1. To add an email account, go to the Admin Panel. Under the Integrations settings, click on ‘Email Accounts’.

saphyte sync email accounts

2. Another way to do it is by navigating through the ‘Connect’ tab → select ‘Inbox’ → click on ‘Email Settings’. It will direct you to the ‘Email Accounts’ section.

saphyte sync email accounts connect tab

3. Choose the email service provider that you want to integrate into your workspace.

saphyte choose email provider

4. Grant permission to Saphyte to access your email account.

saphyte grant email permission
saphyte email allow access

5. Saphyte will ask you to set up your email preferences in the CRM with the following option (see screenshot below). When you select ‘Sync all email messages’, this will pull up and sync all the emails received from your email account and view them all in your inbox. Otherwise, by default, only the contacts, leads, prospects, customers, and companies’ emails are synced into the system.

saphyte email account settings

6. Once done, click