Facebook Integration

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View, manage, and automatically capture leads in Saphyte CRM by connecting it to Facebook.

Saphyte’s Facebook integration will help you to save your time and efforts spent on the lead management process manually in CSV files for the Leads generated on a Facebook page. Saphyte will automatically capture overall leads from a Facebook page when prospecting visitors will fill in the inquiry form and assign it to the respective sales representative for further action.

1. Click on Admin > Integration Menu > App Marketplace and select ‘Facebook‘ in Social Media Apps section and click on Connect button.

Facebook Integration
Facebook integration with Saphyte workspace

2. Login with Facebook to allow your workspace to access your Facebook account.

Facebook Integration
Log in with your Facebook user id and password
Facebook Authentication
Facebook login page
Facebook authentication
Authentication will be requested to access the Facebook id through the Saphyte workspace

3. You may either create a new Facebook page or integrate the existing Facebook page with your Saphyte CRM workspace.

Access control from Facebook
Saphyte will request access to the desired pages in the Facebook account of the user

4. In the above case since there is no Facebook page, the user should be creating their company page for generating leads and managing them through the Saphyte CRM workspace.

Facebook Page Creation
Create Facebook Page – Clicking on the info icon will display this message

5. Once the Facebook page has been created/the existing Facebook page has been selected, click on the Next button.

Integration of Facebook Page with Saphyte CRM workspace
Integration of Facebook Page with Saphyte CRM workspace

6. Provide access for Saphyte to access your page and capture all relevant information for successful lead creation and click on Done.

Provide your Facebook page access to Saphyte CRM
Provide your Facebook page access to Saphyte CRM

7. Click on OK to link your Saphyte workspace to Facebook.

Facebook Integration Successful
Click on OK for successful Integration

8. A successful Facebook integration will appear in the configuration section of your Saphyte workspace. You have an option to Activate and Inactive the integration and a Delete button to delete the integration.
a). Active/Inactive
b). Delete

 successful Facebook Integration
successful Facebook Integration with Saphyte workspace

Integrate Saphyte workspace with Facebook ads.

In order to integrate leads from Facebook to your Saphyte workspace, there has to be an ad posted on your Facebook page and the fields included in the ad form are to be mapped in the Saphyte workspace.

1. Click on the ‘Meta Business Suite’ and ‘Create ad‘ buttons.

Facebook form creation
Select Meta Business Suite
Facebook form
Click on Create Ad button

2. Select the ‘Get more leads‘ option.

Get more leads on facebook
Select Get More Leads

3. Select ‘On Facebook’ to capture details of leads retrieved from Facebook.

Select source of contact from facebook
Click on ‘Collect contact information from people on Facebook

4. Add card details, verify the projected amount to be charged for services offered by Facebook on the next stage, and Click on ‘Promote Now’ to activate the Ad.

Create basic form

Facebook Forms & Workflow Set up to Capture Leads from Facebook

1. Facebook ad forms to be mapped and details to be synced in the Saphyte workspace through the Facebook Forms. Facebook Forms are generated automatically when you sync/integrate your workspace into your Facebook account under the Form Builder section.

Facebook Forms
Auto-generated Facebook Forms

2. If users want to check the eligibility of Leads before it is assigned or created in Lead Entity. Users can simply check in the submissions section and sort qualifying leads.

3. There is a workflow set up for Facebook integration that makes the process smooth and captures leads and assigned them to its users within a workspace.

4. Once the form has been synced, we can associate a workflow and Merge Existing Leads/Create New leads in the Saphyte workspace. In both cases, the email id of the client will be an identifier to check the duplicate lead.

Sync Facebook forms and add workflow
Sync Facebook form and add workflow

Note – The additional fields created on Facebook forms should be available in your workspace(General or Custom Fields)

Facebook Forms Workflow
The workflow associated with Facebook Forms